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Bringing Structure to Chaos

MMHF provides a myriad of consulting services for small to mid-size business owners helping them achieve their goals and peace of mind.

MMHF can help your business operate more efficiently & achieve greater profitability.

Business Organization & Development

Financial & Operations Analysis

Legal Agreement Interpretation, Negotiation & Drafting

Business Transition & Family Succession 

Practical yet comprehensive solutions to challenges faced by your business.

MMHF stands for "Make Money, Have Fun"

Let MMHF help you achieve balance between work and play; profitability and enjoyment of life.


MMHF can help your business to operate more efficiently and achieve greater profitability in a complex and ever changing business environment.


With over 30 years experience in working with companies of all sizes, MMHF can assist you in identifying problems, strategizing solutions and implementing the changes required.



MMHF was founded in 2010 by Scott Rusczyk to provide business owners with an objective analysis process seeking to maximize efficiency and profitability while at the same time providing stakeholders with peace of mind.


MMHF provides a variety of services including:

  • Business and Financial Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Forecasting

  • Accounts Receivable Management

  • Acquisition / Disposition of Assets

  • Contract Interpretation/Negotiations

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Operational Management

  • Process Analysis

  • Business Organization & Development

  • Project Management

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Business Transition & Family Succession

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